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  • From Brooklyn
    with Love
  • Real ingredients.
    Unreal flavor.
  • Handmade with
    you in mind.
  • Taste the love
    in every bite.

Fames: The survival of the sweetest

From a cobblestoned German street to a pulsating Mediterranean port to a colorful Brooklyn neighborhood, Fames incorporates the best of each culture’s techniques in every luscious chocolate morsel.

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The Process

A good chocolate is not made - it is crafted.
Chocolate magic originates in wetland areas near the equator Cacao pods, each containing about fifty beans, are harvested by hand and cracked open to carefully release a white, fibrous mixture of beans and pulp, which is covered and left to ferment. The beans are then sun-dried and sorted based on size and quality. Savvy chocolatiers are careful to source their cacao beans from healthy plantations, where the trees, pods and workers are well-cared for.

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